Life-care Vaginal Probe

Life-care Vaginal Probe

  • Re-usable long-term Vaginal electrode for EMG Biofeedback & NMS (STIM).
  • Lightweight, improved shape for better hold and not fall out out when you contract pelvic floor muscles.
  • Re-order code: PR-02A. Please note: we do not sell to the general public, please obtain from your local distributor.
  • Single User!

Directions for use

The internal probe electrode is for a single user only. Please read carefully all the information in the leaflet attached to ensure usage of product. Stop using and seek medical advice if discomfort or irritation occurs. Make sure the probe is clean before application.

  1. In case of any dryness, cover the probe in an electrically conductive lubricating gel such as KY jelly (not supplied) before insertion. Ensure the metal electrode surfaces are completely covered in gel. Do not get gel in the pin connectors and do not connect the probe to lead wires yet.
  2. Ensure the muscle stimulator or EMG unit is switched off before the lead wires are connected.
  3. Connect the lead wires of the stimulator or EMG unit into the female connectors of the Probe.
  4. Carefully insert the probe into the vagina ensuring each electrode surface points towards each hip.
  5. Do not insert the probe too far into the vagina.
  6. After use, turn off the stimulator or EMG unit, remove the lead wires and remove the probe. Do not use the lead wire connectors to remove the probe.

After use, probe must be cleaned with cold soapy water or a pad soaked in surgical spirit and then rinsed in clean running water before and after each treatment. Dry probe with a paper towel after cleaning.  Alcoholic solution is not suitable for cleaning this probe. This probe cannot be sterilized.   


  • Cable length: 25cm, to be used with our standard leadwire which makes all together about 1m 40 cm from the probe to the device.
  • Terminations: standard "pigtail" 2mm diameter pins.
  • Dimensions: length 76 mm, diameter 28 mm.
  • Weight: 23.1 g
  • CE Marked