NeuroTrac® Simplex Plus

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  • The NeuroTrac® Simplex Plus is a simple to operate low cost single channel EMG Biofeedback device.
  • The NeuroTrac® Simplex Plus is an accurate and sensitive device that measures muscle activity down to as low as to 0.2 μV [Microvolts] and up to 2000 μV. The diverse range enables the device to measure very weak muscle activity. The NeuroTrac® Simplex Plus will stand upright on a flat surface enabling the user to carry out specific exercises and at the same time view the Biofeedback by way of bright LED lights on the front of the unit. At the end of a session that may entail five trials of 5 seconds work and 5 seconds rest of activity, the LCD screen will automatically display the average muscle readings for the session.
  • The unit can be locked for a certain period so the user cannot amend the treatment parameters such as work/rest time and number of repetitions. When the unit is then unlocked, the number of finished sessions is displayed together with the overall average readings.
  • In addition, the unit can be used with the optional PC Software. Simplex Plus has a built-in Bluetooth transmitter which enables a wireless connection for upto 10 meters. Bluetooth allows data to be sent to your laptop or PC while you are in motion.
  • The unit can be used as a continuous EMG visualisation tool. Power on the device and it reads the EMG continuously for as long as battery lasts (20-40 hours). In addition, the unit can be connected to the PC Software (Open Display protocol) which helps to display the graph, produce the statistical summary and store the collected data for further analysis. There is an option to export data to CSV format for Excel, Matlab, etc.
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You can power on this easy to use Biofeedback unit and the real time EMG will be continuously measured. You can press the START button to begin the Work/Rest programme. Here you will be prompted to contract and relax muscles. When the session is finnished, the statistics will be displayed on the LCD: work time, rest time, onset and release time. One easy to use customizable programme, where you can use the default settings or change: work time, rest time, number of repetitions, etc.

Please read the Quick Start instruction which explains how to operate the unit, the basic functionality and troubleshooting:
NeuroTrac Simplex Plus - Quick Start and Troubleshooting (English)

The NeuroTrac® Simplex Plus is intended to be used to:

  • Improve the speed, strength, toning, accuracy and stability of your muscle contractions. Use our assessment program to check your performance and track your progress,
  • Learn to relax tight muscles after exercise,
  • Gain better control of the muscle,
  • See your contractions in real time on our PC software using Bluetooth data connection and keep good record of your training progress.
  • Discover the engaging and rewording world of our performance biofeedback games.

  • Wireless connection (Bluetooth) to NeuroTrac Software v5.0 or latest. Software included.
  • Single Channel Digital EMG Unit
  • Accurate Range: 0.2µV to 2000µV
  • Sensitivity: 0.1µV RMS
  • LEDs display EMG level clearly and easily
  • LCD displays numerical EMG reading and work/rest countdown
  • Selectable band pass filter to filter out heart rate
  • Work / Rest periods: 2 to 99 seconds
  • Number of trials: 1 to 99
  • Constant Current (extends battery life)
  • Range: Rate: 2 Hz - 200 Hz, Pulse Width: 50 µS to 300 µS
  • User friendly