Skin electrodes: 100 x 50 mm

Reusable Long-term electrodes for TENS, NMS (STIM), EMG Biofeedback

  • Size: 100 x 50 mm - rectangular
  • Re-order code: VS10050 - we don't sell to general public, please obtain from your local distributor 
  • Recommended for: large muscles or TENS placing on the lower back
  • For single Patient use only!

Materials & Specifications

  • Soft white cloth backing, suitable for most areas of the body
  • High quality hydrogel and conductive carbon film
  • Water based gel makes it skin friendly and allergy free (exclusions possible)
  • Do not use alcohol wipes or other liquids to clean the front or gel side of the electrodes!
  • Latex free
  • CE marked