2015: new MyoPlus Pro

MyoPlus Pro is a successor of MyoPlus single channel device, now completely re-designed to combine all improvements suggested by customers, among them:

  • Color TFT Display: user friendly touch-screen interface with on-screen prompts and instructions.

  • Horisontal Display: allows better EMG and ETS visualisation with the wide screen aspect ratio.

  • EMG Games: are now build into the device interface.

  • Bluetooth conneciton to PC: up to 10 meters of wireless data connection, no need to wary about cables which often reduce the range of motion.

  • Rear metal plate: allows EMG to be used without REF wire for easier and quicker application, user can either continue to use REF wire or just toutch the metal plate.


2015: new Simplex Plus

We are pleased to introduce a new Simplex Plus unit, which is supplied with the PC Software.

Simplex Plus has a wireless connection to PC Software via bluetooth (up to 10 meters). Bluetooth allows data to be sent to your laptop or PC while you are in motion.

  • The NeuroTrac® Simplex Plus is intended to be used to:

    • Improve the speed, strength, toning, accuracy and stability of your muscle contractions. Use our assessment program to check your performance and track your progress.

    • Learn to relax tight muscles after exercise.

    • Gain better control of the muscle.

    • See your contractions in real time on our PC software using Bluetooth data connection and keep good record of your training progress.

    • Discover the engaging and rewording world of our performance biofeedback games.


Workshop 2014: New discoveries with low-level EMG

The majour aim of the Seminar was to learn how to use our exceptionally effective measurement of low-level EMG activity to open a new window of understanding in the treatment of a variety of neuromuscular conditions.

Seminar 2014

The results of better engaging the plasticity of the nervous system is presented. We were showing how the enhancement of nerve regeneration helps to achieve better outcomes, more quickly, after injury. It was demonstrated how the clinical application of surface EMG, EMG Biofeedback, EMG Triggered Stimulation and NMES can be optimised to provide much more effective treatments for many patients. Finally, a lot of new ideas were presented and discussed among our leading NeuroTrac users.

Seminar 2014

Presented by Jan Namysl, a highly respected therapist from Poland who has used our products for many years with astonishing results.


Medica 2013

Verity Medical Ltd is back at Medica (Dusseldorf) to show off our brand new products! If you want to be the first to see our new products or just to say hello, come along to booth 16G10-4. The Show is 20th - 23th of November 2013.


Upgrade to Myoplus 2 and 4

Now with Bluetooth connectivity!

Myoplus 2 and 4 are now available in a new cabinet which has been ergometrically designed to be easier to handle and operate. Furthermore both products now have Bluetooth enabling wireless connectivity compatible with the optional NeuroTrac Software version 5.  The Bluetooth dongle comes together with the device and the user may download the Software, install on the PC and use for 15 days of trial, afterwards the licence key can be obtained from the distributor.


New PC Software version 5.0 is released

Version 5.0 has been given a new look, the code is re-written providing you with the latest graphical and performance experience, yet  all the functionality is still under the same buttons.

* Windows 8 / 7/ Vista / XP compatible.

* As a standard: compatible with all old and new NeuroTrac units.

* Patient database easy to backup, upgrade and manage.

* Improved USB connection performance.

* Bluetooth added for our new wireless products.

* Graph visualisation improvements.

* Template Training improved for Templates sharing. Now you create the periods separately and form the Templates out of the drawn periods. 

* Markers: you can highlight a time frame on any graph and create

  a marker: artefact, see the additional statistics, etc.

* Many other improvements.

The Software is ready for distribution since 15 of January 2013. The latest demo you can download from here:


Updated look of our stimulators

We are pleased to inform that since 1st of January 2013 the old NeuroTrac TENS, Rehab, Continence and Sports are having a face lift now. All the programmes and navigation stays the same, but what a change!  The screen is going backlit, segments more visible, the keypad is bigger, improved belt clip. Please also have a look on the Products section of our website: the units are now packed in a soft bag inside the carton box.




IFC Rehab release

We are delighted to introduce our new Interferential Stimulator.

All in One IFC, TENS, NMS: The left (Gray) side has Interferential IFC, the right side (Blue) has TENS and Muscle Stimulation. Run IFC and conventional TENS at the same time! You can empower your pain treatment results by combining the Conventional High and Low frequency TENS with the powerful Interferential IFC treatment.


MultiTENS release

This dual channel TENS device is a proud successor of NeuroTrac TENS, with many great improvements and added functionality. The most significant improvement: now on each channel you can run 2 independent TENS programmes at the same time! To find out more, go to PRODUCTS section, select MultiTENS and watch the introduction movie.


Old ETS is now upgraded to MyoPlus family of products

Production of the ETS Device has now ceased and we are now able to offer two more sophisticated and robust replacements. The NeuroTrac Myoplus is a one channel device offering a wide range of pre-set clinical programmes and also allows customised programmes to be set up with up to 5 phases of EMG, STIM and ETS . The NeuroTrac Myoplus 2 is available for those therapists who want the same benefits in two channels together with separate bar charts to measure EMG biofeedback from each channel. The Myoplus 2 is marginally more expensive than the Neurotrac? ETS device which it replaces but offers far greater flexibility and therapeutic options. For full product details see the relevant product section on this site.