How to transfer old Installation version 2.x or 3.x. onto newer windows 7 laptop or PC.

1. On your new laptop or PC with Windows 7, please lower UAC to the minimum: In control panel search for "UAC" which is thr User Access Control, run it and lower the slide bar to the lowers option. This will enable a proper work of Software Database files.

2. On XP with your old installation, please find the "installation folder" which is normally C:\\Programme Files\NeuroTrac_ETS

3. Using the USB memory stick, copy the whole folder "neuroTrac_ETS" and paste it in to exactly the same path on the new computer.

4. On new Win7 computer, run the Loader.exe from the installation version 4.01 (this Loader.exe opens automatically when you insert CD onto computer and it has 6 options to choose from). From 6 buttons of Loader.exe, run the "Upgrade" - it will look for previous installation to be upgraded, and if cannot find automatically, it will prompt you to show where the installation was, please provide the installation path from the above point 2.

5. Now all being upgraded from your version 2.x or 3.x to the latest version 4.01 on your Windows 7. You can login using your previous login and password, the registration details, patient's database and the stored session will be transferred.

* Please don't use option Export to SCV when you trying to move the installation or upgrade - this option is for exporting one way from PC Software to Excel, of one session only.