Relaxation using EMG or STIM

How to use EMG (Simplex) or Stimulator (Continence, Pelvitone) for pelvic Floor Relaxation The Simplex is an EMG biofeedback device only (not stimulator) - it measures the muscle contraction in microvolts, and displays this on screen. A typical relaxation protocol with Simplex: the user observes how quick and how deep the relaxation is. The PelviTone/Continence devices are stimulators ONLY and do not have EMG biofeedback function (cannot measure the muscle, only stimulate it). However there are some stimulation routines which provokes the pelvic floor relaxation, for example Pelvitone P12 (2Hz, 220uS, Work 6sec / Rest 10 sec). You can set up the similar programme in Neurotrac continence in custom programme. As a conclusion from above: pure EMG devices (Simplex) and pure Stimulators (Pelvitone, continence) have 100% different approach for relaxation. NeuroTrac MyoPlus (1 or 2 channels) combines both EMG biofeedback and Stimulation approach to relaxation.