I cannot reach maximum mA level, STIM intensity drops to zero

Our unit is designed to detect any poor or intermittent connection across the electrodes and to cut off the stimulation output (mA) when it does so. This is for your safety. It is designed to prevent the user from inadvertently turning up the output stimulation current in the presence of a poor or intermittent connection and then experiencing an unexpected, powerful surge in the stimulation, if or when the connection is re-established. REASONS FOR NO CONNECTION - IF YOU USE SKIN ELECTRODES: * Check if both electrodes are connected to the same dual conductor lead wire, one electrode to the black connector (-) and another to the red connector (+). * Check if both electrodes are making a sticky contact on your skin, electrode edges tend to lose their stickiness faster, but the electrode should be sticking with at least 80% of it's area. Your skin may become greasey after long term use, so try using to new electrodes. You may have dry gel on the electrodes, try dropping a small amount of water on the black (conductive) side of the electrode and leave for an hour for the gel to absorb the moisture. WARNING! Do not use wet electrodes! Try some fresh electrodes as electrodes lose conductivity proportionally to the use time; due to grease, and gel losing moisture. * Check if the dual conductor lead wire cable is not broken, as it might be bent or pulled out too much which results in no conductivity. To check if the cable is good, cross the red and black pin and increase mA, if the cable conducts the electricity, the mA will go above 10mA and you would feel the stimulation mildly tickeling the fingers that hold the crossed pins.