How to match A B C D on the Electrodes Placement manaul with the channels of my unit

When you see A, B, C, D on the electrodes placement manual, please don't try to find the link between these letters and letters on your unit, as the Electrodes Placement manual is used for many units with different marks on the keypad. Treat A, B, C and D as the marks for channel 1,2,3 and 4. The manual shows how to place up to 4 channels regardless of the programme or unit being used. The Electrodes Placement manual simply shows WHERE to place different channels to contract the selected muscle groups with up to 4 channels WHICH STIMULATES WITH THE SAME CURRENT. In this respect it does not matter if you connect channel A or B to the channel which is marked as A on the manual.

Your Sports XL unit, for example, will have channel 1 and 2 under the letter A and channels 2 and 4 under letter B.The channel 1 will work exactly the same way with the same electrical pulses as other channels (2,3,4).

Effectively when you try to match unit's channel with ABCD on the manual, please look on the top of the unit and imagine (A B C D) marks near each channel, A is the first on the left; D - the last on the right. Now you have the direct representation of your unit's ABCD with the manual ABCD.