How to unlock my Myoplus unit

Any MyoPlus unit with any channels, comes with the Lock option. The lock button is a small hole inside the battery compartment, designed to be used by the treatment supervisor to press it by the pin of your leadwire and lock or unlock  the programme for your patient. The treatment supervisor can check the statistics when unlocking the unit. If you are not the treatment supervisor, please don't use this button as any amendments there you do on your own risk and it is strongly not recommended!

The concealed Lock button works as follows:

  1. Press Once to Lock the unit - the padlock symbol will be displayed. The programme is locked and pressing the MODE or PROG buttons will not change the programme or mode. Now your unit is gathering the statistics on daily basis, and for it's accuracy you should check if your calendar/timer is set properly - refer tot he manual.

  2. Press second time to Display the statistics. on old MyoPlus units the PC-CONNECT will be displayed and it tells you to download the statistics to the optional PC Software as old MyoPlus unit cannot display them on screen. The Newest MyoPlus PRO units shows the statistics on display as well as send them to the PC. Note: the unit and programme is still locked, this stage is just to see your gathered statistics. If you intend to Unlock, don't press any ESC buttons but go straight to point 3.

  3. Press and hold for 3 sec to erase the statistics and Unlock the unit. The padlock will disapper. This will unlock the programme, erase the statistics and the unit is now ready for another patient. Note! if you press the concealed button for 3 sec and no results, please remember to press it short to get to the step 2 and only in step 2 - press for 3 seconds again.